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GFWC Central Florida Woman's Club

Club Background

Our Club Officers

Here, we might include a list of names of some of the people who organize our club. We might also include a brief description of their backgrounds and their involvement in club activities, and include a picture if available.

We might use a format similar to this one:

A mature woman; Size=180 pixels wide

Marg Williams is our President.

Our Charter

Some organizations have a formal charter; many do not. If our organization has a written charter, we'll include it here. If not, we'll use this area to discuss the reasons our club exists and what our goals are.

History of Our Club

Here we might include information about our founding members, when we were incorporated, and some of our club's most memorable moments.

With the challenge of strengthening the UNITY
and widening the DIVERSITY
in the General Federation (GFWC),
the theme for the administration will be:
GFWC ...  Empowering Women ...  One by One
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